Hey guys, so we are giving away some awesome free stuff – and I want you all to know about it because who doesn’t like free stuff?



Free is like the best word in the English language. Other awesome english words:

  • Kazoo
  • Recombobulation (this one is native to my beloved Milwaukee,WI)
    • It is too a word.
    • Yes, it is…
    • Yes. It. Is.
  •  Bumfuzzle (yes, this is also an actual word, and one that should be incorporated into regular conversation more often).
  • Cattywampus
  • Malarkey
  • Lollygag

(For more funny words, I encourage you to visit: this funny list of funny words. Enjoy!)

….ok, enough of that. I just had to make sure the summary was full so you’d stick around long enough for my actual announcement.



Ok, but really, there is some free stuff involved in this post. Mainly, an AWESOME new blog/blogger that you NEED to know about RIGHT NOW.

My friend Casey (Do you already know Casey? Isn’t she great?!) will be spending the Summer in Bangkok, teaching English and sharing her awesome self with Thailand.

She is going to write cool things about it here:

She hasn’t even unpacked in Thailand yet, so be patient, grasshoppers, the cool words are coming soon. She asked me to help her get it started while I was “helping” her get organized for her trip.

And darn it, that’s what I’m gonna’ do.

tenor (1)

Live footage of me “helping” Casey pack.

So could you do me a favor and follow her? Please? Pretty please? A please-that-doesn’t-get-through-life-solely-on-it’s-good-looks?

Thank you. You’re the best. The ACTUAL best. If there were a trophy, it’d be yours.

Casey is one of the best people I know. She is hilarious and kind and genuine and ALL of these wonderful qualities will surely shine through in her writing.

Just in case you somehow missed the 8 thousand links to her blog that I casually sprinkled into this update (which I’ll admit, is pretty impressive…) here is the link one more time:

The follow button is the blue one with the word “Follow” on it. You should click it. You won’t be sorry.





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