I bet you suckers thought you got rid of me, didn’t you?

You’re probably all like…

“It’s been over a year, Klink is probably dead.”

But then here I am like :

“Koo Koo Kachoo, Mamacitas!”

Actually I’m not like that at all…ever. But can you blame me for trying? Even that string of rubbish is better than the inevitable “uh…hey guys…” that I originally intended to post along with some second rate excuses about why I haven’t posted in so long. Some of which included:

  • forgot my password
  • forgot my username
  • forgot my username AND my password (the horror)
  • forgot how all computers worked
  • forgot my identity
  • forgot that I forgot all of these things
  • was eaten by zombies

Surely you see now that “Koo Koo Kachoo Mamacitas” was truly the best option for all involved parties. You’re welcome.


I’m alive! Despite the rumors that you’ve inevitably heard about me getting abducted by aliens, or locking myself in a time capsule or getting hopelessly lost in IKEA for the past year (which I firmly believe is entirely possible) I’M BACK!

Promises on the internet are stupid, so I will make you a reasonable and well-intended offer for more posts in the semi-near future if you stay tuned. Tempting offer, no?

With love and a surplus of IKEA furniture,

❤ Klink



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