Giggles and Procrastination

Hey peeps.

Not sure what your week holds for you, but mine is likely to be pretty bummerific.

1.) Bummerific: adj.

When the amount of bummer in your week exceeds normal amounts, so you invent a word that makes “bummer” sound like less of a bummer.

Mikey gets it.

There really isn’t anything majorly awful about my life at this particular point. It is just kind of a BLAH week (and it’s only Monday), so I am in a BLAH mood.

If this week had a favorite color, it would be clear.

If this week used perfume, it would be un-scented.

If this week had a catchphrase, it would be “meh.”

I am supposed to be packing all of my junk into boxes and moving it from my tiny room in my current apartment to my slightly-less-tiny room In my new apartment. I have had weeks to begin this process. Weeks. My productivity level as at a record low, however, so my grand total of packed boxes is a WHOPPING: one. That’s it. Just one. I pushed all of my movies off of the shelf they were neatly organized on and watched them topple, haphazardly, into a box that is now messy and over-flowing with DVD cases. Ta-da.

I’m also supposed to be taking care of my financial, academic, and long-term goals, as well as allotting myself more time to be a better socializer. But that all sounded stressful so I trolled the internet and finished a season of Madmen instead.

Disney Channel disney babe references my gf gravity falls dipper pines gifs; mine 4 Waddles

I am sort of dysfunctional in the sense that when I have a TON of stuff going on, I have absolutely zero energy/motivation to get it done.

Naturally, whenever I have nothing going on, I am restless and twitchy and ready for action that never happens. I am pretty positive I have an apathy tumor where my Responsibility bone should be, and a Hyper-Spazz cyst where my regular sleep schedule-izer is supposed to go . I should probably get that checked out…

ANYWAY, seeing as I have been the spokesperson for BLAH lately, the inspiration to write something worthwhile is virtually (completely) non-existent. So, I have slapped together a list of internet gems that have made me chuckle half-heartedly while I lamented about all of the nothing that I’ve gotten done. I hope you enjoy it.

1.) A cat that says “Heyyy” instead of “Meow”.[/embed]

2.) The most accurate pie chart in the history of Ever.


3.)  This guy’s face.

NOOOO waer balloon

4.)  A speech given by a Turkish dictator (trust me…)–MJd8&

5.) Baby goats doing their baby-goat thing

6.) This compilation of Dog Fails, courtesy of the lovely BuzzFeed

Now that I have successfully wasted more time doing nothing (and most likely encouraged you to do the same, I finally (shamefully) feel a bit more productive.

Thank you, Internet, for constantly justifying my nonsensical coping mechanisms. I’ll talk to you again soon, most likely when I am broke, failing out of school and homeless because all I do is troll the internet.

Irresponsibly and Awkwardly yours,


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