A Sufficiently Awkward Introduction

It’s only fair to warn you—it should probably be illegal for someone like me to own and operate a blog.  I ramble, I’m a rambler, but only in written from; I apologize now if you’ve ever suffered or ever will suffer through an actual face to face conversation with me. Good luck to you.

Several friends and colleagues of mine (I chose the word colleagues because it makes me sound like an intellectual-instead of a goofball who still reads Calvin and Hobbes comics instead of doing what she is supposed to be doing-like finding some colleagues…) have suggested that I publish some of the ridiculousness that has become part of my daily routine, and I have finally caved.

If you have ever tripped UP the stairs in front of a crowd, snorted while laughing at something your attractive date said, started singing at the top of your lungs on a bus with your headphones on-and not realized it until everyone is staring at you, eaten ketchup packets for lunch because you lost yours on that same bus, talked to inanimate objects, argued with yourself out-loud, or if you frequently seek comfort from bookstores and coffee shops instead of humans because they scare you- then you are in good company.

Trust me when I say that I have been a certified weirdo since birth, so not only do I feel your pain, I’ve PERFECTED it. So why not own up to it, fellow Awkardites? (yes I did just coin that term, I’ll do that quite often). I will keep you posted on my day-to-day adventure in Awkward-dom (see? there I go again!) and you can feel free to sit back, relax, and rest assured that you are no longer the strangest person you know! (did you just high-five yourself? It’s ok if you did….freak) .


Awkwardly yours,


2 thoughts on “A Sufficiently Awkward Introduction

  1. I happen to know this awkward person and I honestly feel that she is a tremendous person and a real blessing in my life! Funny writer though!! Keep being yourself Amy and I will keep reading your blog! It’s great!

    • Thanks a ton DAK! I have been told many times that I have inherited my best qualities from one of my favorite people on this planet (she is this gorgeous blonde lady that I am lucky enough to be related too) so I will gladly give her the credit 😉
      Glad to hear that you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far. I will try not to disappoint in the future!

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